A punishment for failing to be authentic to the self you never recognized.

The strain of the perpetual self-imposed struggle against life.

A self-proclaimed savior possessing nothing but pain.

The threads you weave are treacherous. Your edicts are built on unquestioned preconceptions. The voice commanding you to suffer meaninglessly always went unchallenged.

Who are you among people?

Here, in the moment… where are you?

If you can bear one moment of pain and live through it, you can endure the next, a reassuring thought. The assumption, however, is that pain will eventually subside. You want pain to carve its place in your psyche. If the moment is painful enough, it lasts. Pain is how you discern reality and what does not slowly kill you is of no value.

A prophet proselytizing oblivion.

A numbness interrupted by random surges of neurological activity.

A consciousness condemned to solitary confinement.



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