The E word

One must be consciously aware of the tendency to regress into a repetitive distress-state whenever existence emerges out of its all-encompassing cloak to stand forth and stares you in the eyes. Human beings accept death as an inevitable end, but that doesn’t necessarily bring comfort, as the ambiguity associated with death conjures varying images of the outcome. Those who struggle with existential questions are often plagued by these images. Existential terror is unique because it is a byproduct of being human. The only escape is a thrust into the heart of the agony. The sufferer seeks an antidote to that life-induced illness: truth.

To be consciously aware of one’s unconscious thoughts is the one and only way truth can be sought. Neurons in the brain are constantly going haywire searching for direction, so truth-seekers must impose order on the chaos of their own bodies. The alternative is to relive the same hell perpetually; the unconscious desire to dwell within the realm of the familiar, even if it eats at one’s soul.


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